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Allergen Awareness Training for Manufacturers

Course Details: Allergen Awareness and Best Practice (Manufacturing) Level 2


1 day

Suitable for:

All members of staff whose activities could have a significant impact on the safety of the product as well as managers who are being introduced to the issues of allergen control for the first time.


  • Increased awareness will stimulate and encourage individual and collective debate
  • Increased awareness will create a safer product
  • Staff will learn basic principles, key concepts and the importance of legislation pertaining to allergen controls
  • Identify the link between their jobs and a range of potential allergen impacts

Training Objectives

  • Outline the key principles of Legislation that governs the control of allergens and the protection of the consumer
  • State the meaning of the terms –
    • Food intolerance
    • Allergy
    • Anaphylactic shock
    • Cross-contamination
    • Control measure
  • Outline why food allergies matter
  • List the major allergens of concern and give examples of foods which may contain them
  • State the symptoms that could occur in the human body from eating food which could induce a reaction
  • Outline how the process flow can impact and control allergen cross-contamination
  • Describe the methods and control procedures that can be used to prevent the cross-contamination of non-allergen foods from all allergenic ingredients or other products throughout the following operations:
    • Ingredients supply and intake
    • Storage
    • Processing
    • Packaging
    • Cleaning
    • Shipping
  • Describe how food operators/handlers can contribute to the safe control of allergenic products
  • Describe how the control of products, ingredients, their specifications & menus can aid the successful control of allergenic products and/or foods containing allergenic ingredients
  • State how production scheduling can impact on the effective control of allergenic products
  • Outline the importance of good cleaning practices to prevent cross-contamination of allergen products
  • List the methods that can be used to maintain the effectiveness of the cleaning operation
  • Identify the implications of ‘free from’ labelling
  • State the importance of accurate ingredients declarations and allergen advice


Various practical exercises are undertaken throughout the day to ensure participation and full understanding. The course concludes with a 30 question multi choice assessment.


This Qualification is Certified by HAND IN HAND®. All successful candidates will receive the Award in Allergen Awareness and Best Practice  (Manufacturing) Level 2