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Data Protection Risk Assessment

Why do I need a data protection risk assessment?

When did you last perform a data protection risk assessment?  Risk assessments, done well are a business-critical tool and can identify situations before they become an issue.  Some people say that skiing is actually very easy, it is the stopping that is the hard part. Well, performing a data risk assessment is just as easy. It simply requires a methodical inquisitive mentality. The hardest part is knowing which questions to ask, and then converting the findings into actionable results. The old adage of ‘Keep it Simple’ applies to risk assessments too so we operate an easy to understand traffic light system where green is considered low risk, amber medium risk and red is high risk.

We, or any of our selected strategic partners, can perform a formal risk assessment on a single element, or all of your organisations information governance processes. Information Governance is one of the key pillars of good business, and a key component of trust currency. We can offer support and guidance from board-level to shop-floor-level on this key area of business.  Our assessors are flexible, approachable, professional and pre-emptive, and our mission is to provide a solution before a situation becomes critical.

The benefits of data protection risk assessment

The benefits of a professionally performed risk assessment include

  • It provides a valuable tool for calibrating the implementation of and compliance with privacy requirements
  • It identifies where remedial actions need to be prioritised
  • It increases staff awareness about data protection risks
  • It identifies appropriate mitigation measures
  • It provides a scalable and proportionate approach to compliance
  • It shows your customers you are serious about data protection

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