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E-learning by Hand In Hand

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Win  Win  Win – Reduce Your Training Budget

Times are tough at the moment. If it hasn’t already happened, the chances are that your HR and Training budget is likely to be looked at very hard. We know . . . because we have been there.
Do you want to reduce your training budget, save time and make your life easier?
We have an e-learning solution that could become your most powerful training tool. It will deliver exactly what you need, when you need it and it will save you money.
Written by professional training consultants and produced by cutting edge IT experts, our training software is fast, efficient and tailored to your bespoke requirements, from regulatory training to in-house specifics.

Any subject  Any time

The software will administer the training, via a variety of online presentations and includes a sophisticated testing system to check that the content has been absorbed and understood. Everything is recorded and reported so you can see exactly who has done what, when they did it and how they got on. You can even see trends to identify particular areas people are having trouble with. Powerful management information at your finger tips puts you in control.

How to make it work for YOU

  • This is a site wide system and could be used by every department or function within the organization to maximise its full potential and give you incredible value for money.
  • Are you continually trying to juggle training dates and numbers and repeating the same work over and over due to cancellations etc? By utilising this e-learning training solution, you can put a stop to all of that. This means that your administration time and costs will be significantly lower.
  • If it suits your working practices, your staff can even train individually or in pairs and do the courses in bite sized chunks, rather than being removed from their operational roles for the long periods of time traditionally required for training courses. Staff remaining at their work stations, will be able to cope for the short period of time without colleagues, removing the need to replace staff members at work stations for longer training periods, thus reducing the overall costs of training.
  • On line study, compared with conventional study, can be less time consuming as delegates who learn more quickly are not held up by those who take longer to grasp the subject matter. Using the online system, training time can often be reduced by as much as half the time of a face to face training encounter.
  • Delegates work to their own comfortable training pace, therefore, those who need more time to understand can be given that little bit of extra time without being embarrassed in front of colleagues.
  • The online system is available 24/7, therefore, staff working nights can train through the night, rather than missing a night shift to attend training in the daytime. With conventional face to face training, potentially, they would miss two nights work to attend a one day training session, with the associated costs that would incur. Likewise, staff can train over weekends – making the online training system even more convenient and cost effective.
  • Refresher training made easy – companies using the system have reported reductions in their refresher training from 18 months (using classroom sessions) to 3 months (using the online system).

Let’s do some Maths

Imagine 220 staff need basic food safety training, that is potentially 22 classroom sessions if a minimum of 10 people is maintained.
It is likely, that the same people will need basic H&S and basic Environmental training as well. That equates to 66 sessions – more than 5 sessions per month.
In other words, there will be at least 1.3 days per week when 10 people will be away from the factory floor. Of course, if smaller class sizes are utilised, this number of hours will increase greatly. And that’s only for 3 courses, add on all the other training that requires refresher training alone. Plus factor in the outlay of bringing in external trainers or the expense of releasing your internal trainers and the costs keep mounting up.

Our basic package covers the 6 Fundamental Requirements of Due Diligence and Best Practice

Covering level 2 courses on Food Safety, H&S, HACCP, Environmental Best Practice, Allergen Awareness and Cleaning and Disinfection.

Resource and Support

Systems usually ‘fall down’ and lose ‘effectiveness’ due to the lack of resource within the establishment to build new courses and maintain the system. With this e-learning solution, you don’t need to worry about that – we will do it for you.
We will provide resources to develop, populate and maintain your e-learning system. You can use this resource to upload your own training programmes or to help you develop new training programmes within your establishment, the choice is yours.
For every new course you upload the savings just GET BETTER!

This system is internet based on its own URL so it does not clash with your internal systems.
No fuss, no hassle, we will take the strain,
you enjoy the benefits

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