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Environmental Best Practice Training Level 2

Course Name: Environmental Best Practice Level 2



1 day

Suitable for:

All members of staff whose activities could have a significant impact on the environment or supervisors or managers who are being introduced to environmental issues for the first time.


  • Increased awareness that will stimulate and encourage individual and collective  debate
  • Contribute to improving the general situation in and around the work area
  • Encourage environmental initiative which can be channelled into positive outputs and bottom line energy savings
  • Create a safer and more aware workforce
  • Create an environmentally better work environment
  • Staff will learn basic principles, key concepts and importance of environmental law
  • Identify the link between the delegate’s position and a range of environmental impacts
  • Understand the business benefits of adopting an environmental management system
  • Identify key issues and contribute to the costs of waste minimisation, water use and pollution

Course Content:

  • Understanding the Environment
  • Environmental law
  • Environmental management systems
  • Pollution prevention and emergency planning
  • Resource efficiency
  • Waste minimisation and control
  • Preventing spillage
  • Site drainage
  • Vehicles and transport
  • Air quality, odour, noise and vibration
  • Cooling towers
  • Consumer driven change


Various practical exercises are undertaken throughout the day to ensure participation and full understanding.  The course concludes with a 30 question multi-choice assessment.


All successful candidates will receive the HAND IN HAND® Award in Environmental Awareness and Best Practice Level 2