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Internal Auditor Training

Course Name: Principles of Internal Auditing



1 day

Suitable for:

Staff members who hold responsibility for food safety, management, supervisors, QA and those wishing to improve inspection skills to conduct audits of internal management systems.



Build customer confidence that your internal audits are valid by showing they were carried out by competent staff with relevant training.


Course Content

  • What is an internal quality audit?
  • Audit types
  • Structured approach to internal auditing
  • Systems of quality management
  • Auditors requirements and conduct
  • Preparing for the audit
  • The check list
  • Good and bad reporting
  • Benefits and limitations of check lists
  • Making the arrangements for the audit
  • The opening meeting
  • Auditor interview skills
  • Attitude, environment and materials
  • Types of questions to ask and interview skills when dealing with staff
  • Non-verbal communications during audit interviews
  • Carrying out the audit
  • Collecting evidence
  • The audit trail
  • Examining records and documentation
  • Gathering objective evidence
  • Covert observations and intervention
  • Non-conformity scoring
  • Audit analysis
  • Non-conformity and corrective action reporting
  • The closing meeting purpose, agenda and agreement of corrective actions
  • Audit rating systems and final audit reporting
  • Team awareness and monitoring improvement
  • Following up corrective actions and root cause analysis
  • Verification of corrective actions and audit close out


Various practical exercises are undertaken throughout the day to ensure participation and full understanding.



Successful candidates will receive the HAND IN HAND® Attendance Certificate in the Principles of Internal Auditing.