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Introduction to Leadership

Course Name: Introduction to Leadership


1 day.

Suitable for:

Newly appointed first line managers or existing line managers who may need formal training for future development


  • Give delegates the introduction to leadership, outline the typical qualities of a good leader and how to progress on that journey.
  • Increase your potential to take on more responsibility
  • Hone your ability to delegate
  • Make important decisions more easily without deferring to anyone else
  • Manage your own and other people’s time more effectively
  • Enjoy a more motivated workforce

Training Objectives

  • Understand what leadership is
  • Understand what leadership is not
  • Discuss the best & worst boss I ever had and what can we learn from that
  • Understand the difference between a leader and a manager and discuss whether we can be both
  • Understand what the qualities of a successful leader are
  • Explanation of various leadership styles, what impact that has on the team why we should alter our style depending on the situation
  • Understand how successful leaders behave
  • Understand what your style is, what do you need to be mindful of
  • Discuss various leadership models, what can we learn from them
  • Understand delegation and why it is one of the most important skills you will develop
  • Understand motivation, how to get the best from your team members.


All delegates will receive the HAND IN HAND® certificate of attendance.