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Training Certification Service

The HAND IN HAND® Training Certification Service offers certified programmes of learning which are professionally reviewed, monitored and fully certified by HAND IN HAND®.

Our training certification service provides the recognition you need to build confidence in the learning programme you offer your customers.  This will allow you to:

  • participate in our training certification programme with confidence knowing it is high quality and that it will deliver the benefits and value it sets out to achieve.
  • offer your learners training certification programmes that are fully quality assured by Hand in Hand’s qualification development committee
  • offer learners successfully meeting the requirements of the training certification programme a formal HAND IN HAND® certificate in recognition of their achievement

If you have a training course which you would like to be both endorsed and certified by HAND IN HAND® contact us now by filling in our contact form or calling 077483 72683.

HAND IN HAND® provides two options for training certification of your current or proposed bespoke training programme.  These include our Certified Training Programme and Certified Employer Programme.

Certified Training Programme

The Certified Training Programme is your bespoke training programme that is written and owned by your organisation. This certification is confirmation that the programme of learning you offer has undergone a robust quality assurance process which will enable your programme to receive training certification from HAND IN HAND®.

Certified Employer Programme

The Certified Employer Programme is for medium to large employers that have an in-house training programme which they wish to have certified. HAND IN HAND® recognises the importance of in-house training and the role employers have in the development of their staff.

How it works

  • HAND IN HAND’s certified programmes offers you, the freedom to develop non-regulated qualifications that meet the needs and requirements of your learners.
  • Following your application to offer a HAND IN HAND ® certified qualification we will review your training programme specification and proposed training materials.
  • By certifying non-regulated qualifications we aim to help learners choose products and learning providers that have been through a rigorous quality assurance process. We believe the certification learners receive on successful completion helps them gain a sense of achievement and reassurance that their hard work is both worthwhile and valued.

On successful completion of a HAND IN HAND® certified training programme where the training encounter did not conclude with a HAND IN HAND® examination, learners will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.   Where a course concludes with a qualification examination, the learner will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.  Learner’s certificates will evidence and demonstrate the learner has achieved the full requirements of the chosen qualification, having achieved the required subject knowledge through dedication and hard work.