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Understanding Change Within the Business

Course Name: Understanding Change Within the Business



1 day minimum or tailored to individual needs

Suitable for:

First line managers and anyone who wants to develop an understanding of effectively dealing with change when it happens in the workplace. Anyone responsible for managing or executing significant change in their organisation.


  • Minimise staff attrition due by poor change management
  • Reduce the chances of losing customers by handling the effects of changes on them
  • Give individuals an awareness of the change process and the confidence to positively embrace change when it happens.
  • Provide well trained managers who will be able to support colleagues as they lead the change process for their area

Training Objectives

  • Understand what driving factors for change are, the internal or external pressures that bring about change in the workplace
  • Discuss the potential benefits of change, why change is good for business, what can happen if we do not embrace it
  • Understand the potential barriers to change and discuss how they can be overcome
  • Understand the effect on individual’s attitudes and responses to change at work and how best to support them through this period
  • Understand how a first line manager can implement change in the workplace. How to be a change leader
  • Discuss what can happen to the team as a whole during the change period and what can be done to ensure it doesn’t fall apart
  • Understanding what the culture of the business is and discuss how the culture has a major impact on change
  • Discuss and explain various models to explain the change process


Delegates will receive the HAND IN HAND® certificate of attendance.