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Lucille Sheppard

Lucille Sheppard photoLucille Sheppard is a BRCGS lead auditor for the Food, Agents and Brokers, and Storage and Distribution Standards as well as an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and has recently passed her BRCGS auditor category examinations with the ambition to becoming a BRCGS auditor.

She has worked in food manufacturing and processing for over 35 years and her passion for the industry led to her set up her own company in 2009 offering high quality consultancy services on a wide range of food and associated standards. Lucille specialises in helping clients install and maintain systems in line with the BRCGS and ISO standards whichever is their preference.

Having worked on the shop floor in a range of processing environments and in supervisory rolls, including quality control, Lucille does not just understand the theory of standards but her practical hands on experience gives her an insight in to the difficulties faced by both employees and employers.

Lucille is hard-working and tenacious and whilst holding down a full-time job attended day release at Brackenhust College to undertake her degree in Food Science and Technology.  Lucille will be forever grateful to her employer for the commitment and support received during that time which enhanced her career and placed her on that upward trajectory to becoming a fully qualified BRCGS Professional.

As an experienced, motivated and compassionate consultant, auditor and trainer Lucille keeps her eye on the client’s ultimate goal ‘results’.

Lucille does not perceive what she does as ‘just a job’, it is more of a vocation, and she takes great pride and joy in offering the service and working hand-in-hand with her clients to achieve certification.

Lucille’s aim is to empower her clients with the knowledge and skills they require to be self-sufficient as swiftly as possible and leave them in a much stronger position to the one she found upon engagement.  No one feels more pride than Lucille when her clients successfully navigate their way through the rigours of their BRCGS or ISO audit and she gets to witness their smiles and sense of achievement at the end of the audit experience.

Lucille has helped many organisations achieve certification and recently given valuable extensive support to Intertek’s client supplier approval auditing programme. Very few individuals have as yet obtained the BRCGS Professional Certification and that Lucille is a BRCGS qualified professional is a testament to her experience, knowledge, professionalism and commitment to her clients. BRCGS certification is the assurance a company needs when looking for a consultant or auditor. When you engage with Lucille expect to find an honest, hard-working, passionate and highly reliable professional with significant breadth and depth of knowledge in the food processing and manufacturing.


Services offered

BRCGS Standards

Food, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers

ISO Standards

Quality 9001, Environmental 14001 and H & S 45001.


HACCP, Internal Auditing, Supplier Auditing, Allergen Control, Cleaning and Disinfection, Food Safety in Maintenance and Contractor Operations and Incident Management and Product Recall.


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