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Allergen Training for Caterers & Retail

Course Name: Allergen Awareness and Best Practice Catering and Retail Level 2



1 day

Suitable for:

All members of staff requiring allergen training and those whose activities could have a significant impact on the safety of the product. This includes those who prepare food, those who serve food as well as managers who are being introduced to allergen issues for the first time.


  • Increased awareness of the dangers and controls necessary to prevent customer harm
  • Staff will learn basic principles, key concepts and the importance of legislation pertaining to allergen controls
  • Identify the link between their jobs and a range of potential allergen impacts
  • Show your customers you are serious about allergen safety by providing allergen training

Training Objectives:

  • Outline the key principles of legislation that governs the control of allergens
  • Understand why we need to protect the consumer
  • Understand the meaning of the terms –
    • Food Intolerance
    • Allergy
    • Anaphylactic shock
    • Cross contamination
    • Control measures
  • Outline why food allergies matter
  • List the major allergens of concern and give examples of foods which may contain these allergens
  • State the symptoms that could occur in the human body from eating food which could induce a reaction
  • Outline how the process flow can impact and control allergen cross contamination
  • Describe the methods and control procedures that can be used to prevent cross contamination in the following areas
    • Ingredients supply and intake
    • Storage
    • Preparation and plating-up
    • Serving
  • Describe how those preparing the food can contribute to the safe control of allergen products
  • Describe how the control of menus can aid the successful control of foods containing allergenic ingredients
  • Outline the importance of good cleaning practices to prevent cross-contamination of allergenic products
  • List the methods that can be used to maintain the effectiveness of the cleaning operation
  • State the importance of accurate ingredients declarations and allergen advice on menus
  • Outline procedures when serving staff are told by customers that they are allergic to specific foods
  • State how to deal with customers who have allergic reactions whilst on your premises


The course concludes with a 30 question multi-choice assessment.


This Qualification is Certified by HAND IN HAND®. All candidates successfully completing the allergen training and assessment will receive the Award in Allergen Awareness and Best Practice Level 2