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Cleaning & Disinfection Training Level 2

Course Name: Cleaning and Disinfection Level 2



1 day

Suitable for:

Those working in the catering and hospitality industries, food retail or manufacturing industries who carry out cleaning duties or who are responsible for the supervision of cleaning teams.


Although cleaning is designed to eliminate hazards or reduce them to a safe level, negligent or ineffective cleaning can result in many serious food safety hazards and other problems. Staff will be able to identify the food safety hazards associated with the cleaning function, demonstrate good cleaning techniques and carry out cleaning duties safely.

Course Content

The course is informal and will cover topics including:

  • Legal responsibilities
  • Why do we need to clean?
  • Costs of ineffective cleaning
  • The manager’s and operator’s responsibilities
  • Cleaning schedules & procedures
  • Cleaning hazards, microbiological, chemical, allergenic, physical & other issues
  • Cleaning technology
  • Stages and methods of cleaning
  • Good practice during cleaning routines
  • Controlling maintenance during cleaning
  • Cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Disinfection
  • Special care of toilet facilities
  • Preparing to clean
  • Care of cleaning equipment
  • Preventing pest infestations
  • Recording cleaning
  • Monitoring cleaning
  • Safe use of chemicals, chemical storage & disposal of unwanted chemicals
  • Categories of safety signage
  • Protective clothing
  • First aid
  • Waste disposal

A comprehensive delegate pack will be provided.


The day concludes with a 30 question multi-choice assessment.


All successful candidates will receive the HAND IN HAND® Level 2 Award in Cleaning and Disinfection.