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Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Training

Course Name: Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery



1 day

Suitable for:

Managers who are responsible for corporate policy and those who form the Crisis Management Team and are responsible for proactive planning and crisis control.


Crisis management and disaster recovery is something that every organisation should plan for, just in case the day comes when it is YOU who face the problem. This training seminar will help you to prepare for, control and recover from a ‘disaster crisis’ situation ensuring that your team are aware of the role they play and have the experience to put your Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plan into action quickly and effectively should the need arise.

Course Content

The course is informal and will cover topics including:

  • Types of crisis
  • The 5 stages of a crisis
  • The crisis management team
  • Pre-planning and being prepared
  • The crisis manual
  • Business continuity through the crisis
  • The crisis control centre
  • Exhibit handling
  • Communication throughout the crisis
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Dealing with the media and press
  • Post-crisis investigation
  • Business recovery
  • Dealing with malicious contamination


Various practical exercises are undertaken throughout the day to ensure participation and full understanding.


Delegates will receive the HAND IN HAND® Certificate in Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery