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Engineering Training Testimonials


“A very good course.”

DF, Maintenance Manager, John Lewis

“Good maintenance protocols start with a robust preventative maintenance programme, however, with the best will in the world, things can and do break down, it is at this point, when the maintenance crews can find themselves under great pressure to get the plant functioning to ensure orders dispatch on time. In this scenario, food product safety may not seem to be the priority. This course highlights the need to STOP and think FOOD SAFETY! To ensure internal maintenance crews and external contractors utilised within food plants are ‘food safety conscious’ is vital. I would highly recommend this course to the food industry in general and encourage all, including contractors wishing to work in food environments to adopt this concept and now take this excellent opportunity to increase staff awareness to ensure food safety and maintain their companies due diligence.”

ML, Maintenance Manager, Maltings Group Diageo

“Very clear and precise, the course was run at a good pace and was very clear and understanding, a good course to attend, very informative.”

MJ, Engineer, Walkers/Pepsi Co

“Opened my eyes how to look at various points outside the box. Particularly liked the exercise just before the end test.”

WB, Engineering Manager, Greencore

“I found the course informative and useful in all respects of day to day business, good visual information in both the power point and booklet. The knowledge gained will be a good tool in helping to protect our business from any food safety breach. Please let me know when level 3 is available.”

PL, Managing Director, Freshpeel Produce Ltd

”It opened my eyes on how much more you have to think about and what precautions are needed.”

DB, Engineer, Walkers/Pepsi Co

“I can highly recommend this course and training, as it took the blinkers off and gave our engineers a fresh insight into the industry. Very good value for money and well constructed delivery.”

CA, Technical Manager, Fountain Foods Group

“Very informative and interesting, very good and learned a lot about Food Safety, would like to attend level 3.”

SM, Engineer, Walkers/Pepsi Co

“This was an excellent training course, that highlighted all the essential pieces of information engineers need to know to carry out their jobs to the highest standards. Engineers are often the forgotten sector when it comes to food safety training, but this course put them at the very heart of the process. This course provided high quality training, excellent value and was delivered in a professional and straightforward way.”

LW, Training Administrator, Walkers/Pepsi Co


MS, Catering Specialist Technician, John Lewis

“The course has given me greater insight into the accountability of the work I do.”

RH, Engineer, Fountain Frozen Foods

“Very informative, and made me aware of the importance of this for personnel on site. Delivered in a friendly manner but still made aware of its importance. A very good seminar.”

RB, Engineer, Greencore

“The point at which we all realised how serious Food Safety is.”

MB, Engineer, Greencore

“Made me see where to improve my paperwork.”

IB, Facilities Controller, Valefresh Ltd

“Very informative.”

DF, Engineer, Dairygold Food Ingredients

“Very good, excellent tutor.”

JA, Engineer, Belton Cheese

“Insight full, even for an apprentice!”

JQ, Engineering Apprentice, Renshawnapier

“The course went very well.  Throughly enjoyed it and have learnt a lot.”

DL, Engineering Apprentice, Renshawnapier

“Useful and interesting.”

GT, Engineering Chargehand, Fine Lady Bakeries

“Very Good.”

RB, Engineering Foreman, Pattemore Transport

“Course gave me a lot to think about, a good course, I learned an awful lot in the one day.”

RM, Engineering Contractor, Meadetech Contractors