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Psychometric Testing


It has been widely demonstrated, that using psychometric testing can significantly improve human resourcing decisions, thus resulting in productivity gains.

How? Psychometric tests are often used in recruitment and selection to measure attributes such as intelligence, aptitude and personality.

They are being used by many organizations to improve their selection decision making, by providing the recruiting team with an insight into how well candidates work with other people, how they handle stress, and whether they will be able to cope with the typical demands of the job.

Our Hand in Hand specialist is registered on the British Psychological Society register of competent testers and has recently attained European test user status and uses a wide range of tests such as 15FQ, OPP graduate and general reasoning tests, literacy, numeracy, clerical and technical tests.

He is also trained and registered to use the Thomas International PPA profile system. We have also successfully used questionnaires such as the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) tool in many team-building events.

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