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Information Governance & Data Protection

The Importance of Information Governance & Data Protection

Information Governance and Data Protection is growing in importance.  It is predicted that 2015 will be the year when the EU insists that larger companies have a nominated Data Protection Officer.  A person who knows about whether your data sharing practices conforms to the Data Protection Act. No longer will it be sufficient to pass these duties to junior members of your team.  Fiduciary duties are expected to get stricter with ever more personal responsibilities placed on Directors. Board level governance will be required and greater responsibilities and guidance will be the order of the day.

We can supply an LLB-trained consultant who can support your executive management team in oversight and the development of your corporate information governance strategy.

The Benefits of Adopting an Information Governance & Data Protection Approach

  • It confirms the company’s commitment to compliance with information rights legislation.
  • It confirms the company’s commitment to good practice through the implementation of, and adherence to The Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.
  • It sets out an approach that will deliver all of the essential compliance elements while actively supporting the delivery of corporate objectives whilst exploiting opportunities for business benefits.
  • It is an approach that will be flexible and responsive to new or changed operational requirements, and enable the organisation to take proportionate risks.
  • It will show how effective information governance can help you make the best use of your information, and as a result, help in the delivery of your objectives and the improvement of core business processes.
  • It is an approach which will further your corporate objectives to be open and transparent about what you do, and to be accountable for the actions you take.
  • It will give confidence to those who provide personal information to you that their information will be managed appropriately.

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