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Food Safety for Maintenance and Contractor Operations Level 2 Training

Course Name: Principles of Food Safety for Maintenance and Contractor Operations Level 2



1 day

Suitable for:

Engineers, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters, construction staff, pest controllers, IT staff, cleaners, food operators, quality control staff, supervisors, managers, and others who may be involved in the safe completion, or monitoring, of maintenance works within a food environment or supervise and sign off such activities.


When it comes to food safety, maintenance staff are often overlooked even though they have a key role to play in protecting the integrity of the product. They are often working alongside food preparation or on equipment that will be used for food preparation so it’s vital they understand the concepts of food safety and the potential for cross-contamination to food products or to the food environment from their work activities. This course will help maintenance staff to focus the necessary knowledge and skills to work within the food safety standards required in a food environment.

Course Content

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Food safety hazards, CCPs and prerequisite programmes
  • Physical, microbiological, chemical and allergenic cross-contamination hazards and their controls
  • Pest control and engineering
  • Protective clothing controls including laundering
  • Hand washing
  • Equipment design
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Contractor controls
  • Major works
  • Commissioning trials
  • Stock control
  • Controlling date coding systems
  • Personal hygiene

A comprehensive delegate pack will be provided that includes a handout and course book.


Various practical exercises are undertaken throughout the day to ensure participation and full understanding. The course concludes with a 30 question multi-choice assessment.


This qualification is accredited by the FDQ Awarding Organisation for Compliance. All successful candidates will receive the nationally recognised Level 2 Award in the Principles of Food Safety for Maintenance and Contractor Operations.


Successful candidate’s may continue their personal development by progressing onto the Certificate in the Principles of Food Safety for Maintenance and Contractors Level 3